Tips to Test Gambling Luck

Some gamblers attest to getting lots of help from luck. And lots of people believe gambling does need a measure of luck for people to win in it. But how is luck measured and how does one know if it is powerfully at work in one's system? Here are some tips many gamblers swear work for them.

Getting up in the morning with everything going the way one wants everything to be is a sure sign of luck. Say, the kids are up early for school and politely prepares everything for themselves, the coffee pot whistles just in time as one goes out to the kitchen, toasts are done just right, poached eggs are perfect, and the papers come in just as coffee is steaming hot in one's mug. They say, this makes for a lucky gambling day at the casino.

When the spouse has had no complaints whatsoever since the night before till the waking hours, they say this is a fine day to be gambling at the casino. The spouse just opens the eyes, takes a shower humming a merry tune, goes to breakfast with a smile and stirs up a happy conversation---and all these are very unusual for the spouse to do---then grab it. The luck for gambling is all there for the taking.

On the other hand, if the morning shave cuts a bit on the cheek or chin, or a blower and rounds of shampooing just cannot rid one of that fly-away hair, they say this may be a sign that luck's not around anywhere. Or, if a series of morning blunders greet one at the start of the day---toasts are burned to a black, coffee spills from the pot and floods the range, the kids whine at getting up early for school again, and the like. Luck gamblers say these are discouraging signs that insinuate the absence of luck for gambling.

Finally, here's a twist. If the early morning blunders continue through the whole morning, giving one a really bad time, gambling seers say a gambling session in the afternoon might prove to be lucky---especially if one had been a good sport all the while. They say luck has a way of testing the character, and if one passes the test, a lucky turn of events is sure to be up-coming at the second half of the day.

Winning at gambling has a luck factor that most people observe. There is test to see how much luck is in store for a gambler.